Orange County Rose Society

  Floating Roses

 Floating roses in a bowl is an easy presentation both at home or in a rose show.

  Gardening Tips for Rose Pruning

This article discusses how to make pruning safer, easier and enjoyable.

  Easy Miniatures to Grow

Here are 6 miniature roses that are highly recommended for the Orange County area.  All can be grown either in pots or in the ground.

  Felco Pruner Maintenance

  At our January meeting we learned the importance of maintaining our pruners.  Clean, sharp pruners makes our rose care easier on our hands and prolongs the life of our tools.  The link will give you a step-by-step guide how to clean Felco Pruners.

  10 Principles of Rose Pruning

Famous author, speaker, rosarian and exhibitor, Bob Martin gives you 10 rules to use when performing your annual rose pruning.

  Rosemania Spray Reference

This is a very handy guide that includes toxicity rating and dosage for common fungicides, miticides and insecticides.  Always wear protective gear when using these chemicals.

  Organic Bug & Fungus Spray Recipe

For those looking for an organic alternative for insects and fungus protection.