Orange County Rose Society

  TRADITIONAL ARRANGEMENTS are broken down into 3 categories: line, line-mass or mass. These arrangements use only fresh material. Line displays can be made with as little as 3-5 roses.  Symmetry and balance are very important.


   MODERN ARRANGEMENTS include a vast array of styles. Containers, filler material and enhancements are very eclectic. Metal or dried material may be used to enhance the focus on the rose. Abstract style can use a screen,  submerge the roses under water, or twirling from a suspension to name a few styles.


  ORIENTAL MANNER ARRANGEMENTS borrow from the traditional teachings of Ikebana.  Arrangements use an triangular structure.  There are three styles: low container, tall container and freestyle. When showing in a low container, water must show around the arrangement.

The key to this style is simplicity. 



Click this link to see examples of all three types: Arrangements (All pictures by Kathy Hoffman)