Orange County Rose Society
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Be an OC Rose Society Show Trophy Fund Sponsor!


With your generosity and sponsorship, our winners receive trophies at our May Rose Show.

Choose the level that fits your budget!

Queen (first place): $100

King (second place): $75

Princess (third place): $50

Court of Honor (usually several places, 4th-7th in the Court): $25

Honorable Mention: $10



Sponsor your favorite category! Amounts indicated are the minumum for a category.



Section A: Challenge Class

  Class 4A - Rose in a Picture Frame (no mini)

  Class 4B - Rose in a Picture Frame (mini)


Section B: Hybrid Teas & Grandifloras

  Class 5: One Bloom without a Sidebud




    Court (4 places)

  Class 6: One Decorative HT Bloom

  Class 7: Three Blooms without sidebuds

  Class 8: Cycle of Bloom without sidebuds

  Class 9: One Bloom fully open without sidebuds

  Class 10: 6 Blooms, One or More Varieties in One Vase

  Class 11: English Box


Section C: Floribundas and Polyanthas

  Class 12: One Bloom without Sidebuds, no Singles

  Class 13: One Floribunda Spray and 2 Poly Sprays

  Class 14: One Spray, no singles




  Class 15: One Single Petalled Floribunda Variety Bloom

  Class 16; One Single Variety Spray

  Class 17: Three Polyantha Sprays

  Class 18: One Polyantha Spray


Section D: Shrubs

  Class 19: Classic Shrub

  Class 20: Modern Shrub

  Class 21: Six Shrub Stems, Blooms or Sprays


Section E: Miniature Roses

  Class 22: One Bloom without sidebuds




    Court (4 places)


Section F: Miniflora Roses

  Class 23: One Bloom without sidebuds




    Court (4 places)


Section G: Miniature/Miniflora Roses

  Class 24: One Spray

  Class 25: Three Blooms without Sidebuds

  Class 26: Three Sprays

  Class 27: One Single Variety Bloom

  Class 28: One Decorative Mini or MF

  Class 29: English Box


Section H: Novice Enteries

  Class 30A: One Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora Bloom

  Class 30B: Three Blooms without Sidebuds

  Class 30C: One Miniature/Miniflora Bloom

  Class 30: Best of Class


Section I: Judge's Entry Best in Class

  Class 31A: Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora

  Class 31B: Floribunda or Polyantha

  Class 31C: Miniature

  Class 31D: Any Other Type

  Class 31: Best in Class


Section J: Old Garden Roses

  Class 32: One Bloom or Spray, prior to 1867 Dowager

  Class 33: One Bloom or Spray, 1867 or later Victorian

  Class 34: Three Blooms or Sprays


Section K: Miscellaneous

  Class 35A: Most Fragrant Rose - HT, GR or FL

  Class 35B: Most Fragrant Rose - Any Shrub or OGR

  Class 36: One Bloom or Spray, Hybrid Wichurana or Larger Climber (LCR)

  Class 37: One Seedling, any type (no bush counterpart)

  Class 38: Junior Entry

  Class 39A: Rose-in-a-Bowl

  Class 39B: Rose-in-a-Bowl Mini

  Class 40: Artist Palette


Section L: Traditional Arrangements

  Class 41: Royalty Award


Section M: Modern Arrangements

  Class 42: Artist Award


Section N: Oriental manner Arrangements

  Class 43: Oriental Award


Section O: Judges Arrangement


Section P: Arrangement Challenge Class


Section Q: Court of Etiquette


Section R: Princess


Section S: Miniature/Miniflora Arrangements


Section T: Modern Miniature/Miniflora


Section U: Oriental Manner miniature/miniflora


Section V: Novice Arrangement


Section W: Junior Arrangement


Section X: Photography

  Class 53 - One Bloom of HT, GF or FL, Mini or MF

  Class 54 - One Spray of FL, Poly, OGR or Climber

  Class 55 - Rose Art

  Class 56 - Novice (One Bloom or Spray of any type of rose)


Best in Show